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LanguageGuide.org is a project of Language Guide, an educational non-profit organization whose mission is to develop free language learning resources. These resources are intended to encourage active learning and allow users to actually hear and practice speaking the language.

pictorial guide

Pictorial Vocabulary Guides

Place your cursor over an image or touch it and hear the word for it pronounced aloud (The Body, Farm Animals).


Guess the word - say it aloud yourself - and let the voice you hear be your caring tutor that either corrects or confirms your guess.

Practice Listening by clicking on the Settings icon and selecting "Practice Listening". When the page speaks a word, click on the image for that word.

Alternatively, select "Practice Speaking". Speak the word you see highlighted. Press the space bar or click on the advance button to hear the correct word.

You can save a word for later review by clicking on an image and selecting save to account. If you're confused at all about what an image actually is, you can use this method to see a translation in your native language.

When a guide for a language has been fully developed it has 143 categories including pages with expressions, verbs and other vocabulary that can't be represented by an image (Body Size and Shape). You can help translate the pictorial guide into your language though the wiki.

Interactive Readings

The audio begins to play. Pause it and see what is being read. Click on any sentence and the reading will start up at that location. Use the arrow keys to jump backwards and forward in the sound track. See the translations by placing your cursor over punctuation marks and definitions of challenging words by placing your cursor over the underlined words.



Other Projects

Experimental introductory grammar guides have been developed for French, Spanish, and English. There are several guides that explore French grammar as well as a utility for practicing irregular English verbs.