mode quiz Bathroom - Continued
suds la mousse
bubble bath le bain moussant
shower stall la cabine de douche
water heater le chauffe-eau

Turn on the faucet!
ouvrir le robinet

Turn off the faucet!
fermer le robinet

You should wash your hair once a week to save on shampoo.
Je me fais un shampoing chaque semaine pour économiser du shampooing.

He's taking a shower.
Il prens une douche.

She's taking a bath.
Elle prends une douche.

restroom bathroom in a public place or business
urinal le urinal

Don't forget to flush the toilet.
tirer la chasse d'eau

Can I use your bathroom?
Je vais aux toilettes.

Where is the restroom?
Ou sont les toilettes?

He went to the bathroom behind those trees.
aller au cabinet..

Do you need to do a number 1 or a number 2?

to pee informal ...