Technical issues

Sound Problems

Mozilla / Firefox browers will use quicktime as the media player by default (at least on windows and on the Mac). In order for the scripting to work, Quicktime must be installing after the browser has been installed. If it has already installed, it must be re-installed.
  • Windows
    By default the site will use Windows Media Player 7. If you have windows media player 7 - 9 and continue to have problems, please write us, indicating the browser version and Operating System you use. You might consider upgrading to the latest version or changing your preferences to use quicktime. The quicktime sound files are encoded at a higher bit rate and are of higher quality. Presently, it is not recommended that you specify real player as your media player.
  • Mac In order to fully take advantage of this site, it is recommended that you use Mozilla browser such as Netscape or FireFox. Presently, Safari or the Macintosh Internet Explorer don't allow scripts to communicate with plugin-ins. This is necessary for the interactive sound component of the site.

Please write if you continue to experience sound problems or problems in another area of the site.