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Verbs & Objects

Indirect & Direct Objects

With the following verbs, the English object is indirect, preceded by 'for' or 'to', but the French object is direct.
attendre un détective to wait for a detective
chercher les clés to look for the keys
demander du café to ask for coffee
écouter le battement to listen to the beat
espérer la paix to hope for peace
habiter une maison to live in a house
payer les billets to pay for the tickets
regarder une baleine to look at a whale

Here we have the opposite - the objects of the French verbs are indirect but the objects of the English verbs which are their counterpart are direct.  

désobéir à l’institutrice to disobey the teacher
échouer à un essai to fail the test
jouer au billes to play marbles
nuire aux océans to harm the ocean
plaîre aux écologistes to please the environmentalists
renoncer à l'égoïsme to give up selfishness
résister au diable to resist the devil
ressembler à Pierre to look like Pierre
succéder à la reine to succeed the queen
survivre à la guerre to survive the war
téléphoner au président to telephone the president

Commonality at last. All of the following French and English objects are preceded by prepositions.

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