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Adjectives acting as Adverbs 
Some adjectives, in action below, can act as adverbs.  When this occurs, they are invariable and masculine. 
Il chante bas He sings low. 
Cela sent bon That smells good.
Il fait chaud It is warm. 
Nous nous sommes arrêtés court We stopped short.
Le tronc d'arbe sonne creux The log sounds hollow. 
Ils vont droit. They go straight. 
Elle étudie dur She studies hard. 
Je chante faux I sing out of tune. 
Ils parlent fort They talk loudly.
Vous avez deviné juste You guessed right. 
Cela sent mauvais That smells bad. 
Il s'est cassé net It broke cleanly. 

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