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About Language Guide

Language Guide's mission is to develop free, technology rich resources for learning languages and to provide a window into the culture of the people who speak those languages. Language Guide hopes to help eliminate economic barriers to computer assisted language learning, which promises to revolutionize language learning, promote cultural understanding, and reduce excessive identification with a particular culture or county. It is a registered non-profit organization.

The Board of Directors

Thomas Blackmon

I'm the founder of Language Guide and now I'm the director. A language enthusiast, I speak French and Spanish fluently. At one point I spoke pretty good Portingol- a mix of Portuguese and Spanish and have dabbled with Hindi and Katchikell- a descendent of Mayan. Much of Language Guide consists of what I pined for as a language learner. I'm a software developer by trade.

A bit of a nomad, I divide my time between Mexico - mostly Morelia, France -Besançon and Paris - and the US - Austin, Texas and Atlanta. I have great friends in all those places. I hope to eventually setting down in a bike friendly multicultural and multilingual city.

James Pham

Daniel Kim

Kyle Bowers

Anders Froehlich

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