Past participles and adjectives can metamorphose into masculine/feminine and singular/plural forms in order to reflect the gender and number of nouns. This metamorphism is called agreeing.

The past participle agrees selectively- agreeing only with certain nouns in particular situations.

The adjective on the other hand is hopelessly indiscriminate when it comes to agreement- agreeing with whichever noun it is coupled with.

The adjective guide describes the richly varied masculine/feminine and singular/plural forms that adjectives can take.

La musique - la seule langue universelle
Music - the only universal language

Les petits ruisseaux font les grandes rivières. -- Proverbe
Small streams make great rivers.

Grand bonheur, grand péril. -- Proverbe 

When an adjective modifies a masculine and a feminine noun at the same time, a masculine plural adjective is used. 

  Déplacez la chaise et le banc verts dans ce coin.
  Move the green chair and bench to that corner.
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