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Type III Irregular

These are -ir ending verbs which are conjugated like regular -er verbs.  Bizarre!

j' ouvre
tu  ouvres
il/elle  ouvre
nous  ouvrons
vous  ouvrez
ils/elles  ouvrent
je  cueille
tu  cueilles
il/elle  cueille
nous  cueillons
vous  cueillez
ils/elles  cueillent

conjugating this type verb!

Verbs of this type
accueillir ** to welcome
couvrir ** to cover
cueillir ** to pick,
to gather
découvrir ** to discover
offrir ** to offer
ouvrir ** to open
recouvrir ** to recover
recueillir ** to collect,
to gather
souffrir ** to suffer
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