Alphabet Quizzes

When you hear a letter pronounced, click on the letter that goes by that name. You can hear it re-pronounced, by placing your cursor over the speaker.

...If you are correct, the next letter will be immeadiatly pronounced, and the correct letter is displayed. If you are incorrect, the correct letter is displayed along with the wrong letter. After a slight pause, the next letter is pronounced. Sample words are also displayed both for the correct and incorrect letter. You can hear the letters or sample words by placing your cursor over them. Once you have correcly guessed all the letters, a star will appear.

Once you've gone through all the letters and guessed everything correctly. One of several stars will be displayed. If you missed two or more letters, you will see the red star. If you missed only one you will see the blue star, and if you didn't miss any, you will see the highly coveted golden star.

Some Alphabet Quizes feature groups. If this is the case checkboxes will appear at the bottom of the page. It is normally a good idea to focus on a small group of letters, master them, and then move on to a larger group of letters. By default, all groups are selected. By deselecting some of the group check boxes, you can focus on a smaller set of letters.