Introductory Grammar Guides

  • Whenever a word or sentence is a bluish color, you should be able to hear it stated aloud by placing the cursor over it. If that's not the case, please consult technical issues.

    Quiz Mode
    Pressing the 'q' key activates and deactivates quiz mode. When quiz mode is activated, the phrases or sentences of the language that you are learning are hidden- replaced with a series of asterisks. You can place the cursor over the asterisks and hear the phrase that was replaced. By hoding down the Control Key, and moving the cursor over the asterisks, you can also see the phrase.

    It is difficult to learn a language passively. After reading a page, you might want to activate quiz mode and review the page again. Try to guess the phrases hidden by the asterisks.

  • If you see a word or phrase with dashes underneath it, you can place the cursor over that word and it's definition will be displayed.