Irregular Adverbs

When an adverb is constructed from an adjective ending in ant or ent, the final nt of the masculine adjective is replaced with not just ment but mment.

Adjectives with –ant, -ent endings Adverb  
abondant abondamment abundantly
brillant brillamment brilliantly
constant constamment constantly
courant couramment fluently
décent décemment decently
évident évidemment evidently
fréquent fréquemment frequently
patient patiemment patiently
prudent prudemment wisely

présent présentement presently
véhément véhémentement vehemently
lent lentement slowly

The final e of these adjectives is converted to é in forming these adverbs.

Feminine Adjective Adverb  
aveugle aveuglément blindly
commune communément commonly
énorme énormément enormously
opportune opportunément opportunely
précise précisément precisely
profonde profondément profoundly
uniforme uniformément uniformly

The following two are irregular.  Briévement takes its spelling from brief - an archaic version of brève

Feminine Adjective Adverb  
brève brièvement briefly
gentille gentiment nicely

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