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Type II Irregular

These are just like regular -re ending verbs except that they undergo stem changes.

Verbs like prendre

je  prends
tu  prends
il/elle  prend
nous  prenons
vous  prenez
ils/elles  prennent
Verbs of this type
apprendre ** to learn,
to teach
comprendre ** to understand
prendre ** to take
reprendre ** to take back
surprendre ** to surprise

Practice conjugating these type verbs!

Verbs like battre and mettre

Mettre and battre derived verbs drop the second t in the singular form.
je  mets
tu  mets
il/elle  met
nous  mettons
vous  mettez
ils/elles  mettent
Verbs of this type
admettre ** to admit
battre ** to beat, to hit
combattre ** to combat
mettre ** to put, to place
permettre ** to permit
soumettre ** to overcome
transmettre ** to transmit

Practice conjugating these type verbs!

Verbs like vaincre

je  vaincs
tu  vaincs
il/elle  vainc
nous  vainquons
vous  vainquez
ils/elles  vainquent
Verbs of this type
convaincre ** to convince
vaincre ** to conquer

Practice conjugating these type verbs!

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