Vocabulary Guides

Basic Instructions

Place the cursor over the image. The name of the object should appear and be stated aloud. See technical issues if this is not the case.

Supplementary Vocabulary Lists
Many categories feature supplementary vocabulary lists. When they do, an image of a notepad will be displayed to the left of the title. Hover the cursor over the notepad and the supplementary list will appear.

Don't try to passively learn vocabulary. Guess the meaning of an image before placing the cursor over it. Imagine the voice you hear as your personal language tutor either confirming or correcting your guess. If you aren't advanced, it would probably be helpful to state the words out load.

Reviewing When learning a language, frequent review is important. Research has demonstrated that reviewing material a day after, then a week after, then a month after is ideal for internalizing something. If you are new to a category, once you get to the images at the end of the page, return to the beginning, trying to guess the names of the images that you just visited.

Imaginary Friend When learning a language it's helpful to have an imaginary friend who only speaks that language. This is great for reviewing and internalizing what you've learned. When you are in the shower, show off by telling him or her the names of all the items that you learned from the bathroom category. Imagine that you are making a trip into space with your imaginary friend. Discuss the beauty of the stars and galaxies using the words you leared from the space category. What fun you could have with your imaginary friend!