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Demonstrative Adjectives

Masculine Feminine
singular ce
cet (before vowels and 'h')
plural ces ces

These adjectives are equivalent to English's 'this', 'that', and 'these'.

Ce tableau est magnifique.
This painting is magnificent.

Cet homme est sage.
That man is wise.

Cette histoire est émouvante.
That story is moving.

Demonstrative pronouns don't express closeness and distance like 'this' (near) and 'that ' (far).  To express closeness in French append -ci to the noun.

cette baguette-ci this baguette

and -la to the noun to express distance.
cette baguette-la that baguette

Before a masculine noun that begins with a vowel or silent h, cet is used.

Cet hôtel est bon marché.  This hotel is cheap.

Cet homme est fâché. That man is angry.

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