La possession Possession

Masculine Feminine* Masculine & Feminine plural
mon pays
my country
ma ville
my city/town
mes amis
my friends
ton père
your father
ta mère
your mother
tes parents
our parents
son fils
his/her son
sa fille
his/her daughter
ses enfants m.
his/her children
notre pays
our country
notre ville
our village
nos voisins f.
our neighbors
votre pain
your (formal) bread
votre nourriture
your (formal) food
vos pommes f.
your (formal) apples
leur ami
their friend
leur maison
their house
leurs noms m.
their names

*Whenever a feminine noun begins with a vowel, the masculine forms are used- mon, ton, and son.

son amitié f. his/her friendship

la sœur de Bruno
Bruno's sister (the sister of Bruno)

la voiture de monsieur Jospin
Mr. Jospin's car (the car of Mr. Jospin)

les clés de mon frère
my brother's keys (the key's of my brother)

Now would be a good time to study the almost regular verbs.

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