Les questions II Questions

When asking a queston, you can simply replace a noun or phrase with the interogative pronoun and use rising intonation. This is rather informal.

Où ? Where?
  Francine cache l'argent où ?   Where does Francine hide the money?

The interegative pronoun can also be moved to the beginning of the sentence. The subject and verb then flip locations. Whenever a subject....

  Où est Pierre ? Where is Pierre?

The subject and verb need not be interexchanged if est-ce que follows the interrogative pronoun

  Où est-ce que le roi vit ? Where does the king live?

Comment ? How?
  Comment est Bordeaux ?   How is Bordeaux?
  Comment vous faites ?   How do you do it?
  Comment vous vous appelez ?   What's your name?
(How do you call yourself?)
Quand ? When?
  Vous nous visitez quand ?
  When are you visiting us?
  Quand visitez-vous Nantes ?   When are you visiting Nantes?

Pourquoi ? Why?
  Pourquoi est -ce que tu vas à Toulouse ? Why are you going to Toulouse?
  Pourquoi sommes-nous ici ?   Why are we here?
  Pourquoi m'en voulez vous ?*   Why do you have something against me?
  *Il m'en veut.   He is upset with me.

Qui ? Who?
  Qui est là ?   Who is it?
  Qui êtes vous ?   Who are you?
  Tu parles à qui ?   You are speaking to whom?

Combien ? How Much? How Many?
  Tu as combien ?   You have how much?
  Combien est-ce que tu payes ?   How much do you pay?
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