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Los Adverbios Adverbs

Spanish adverbs are usually formed by adding -mente to the end of feminine adjectives.

alegremente happily
perfectamente perfectly
fácilmente easily rápidamente rapidly
frecuentemente frequently        

  Un día tú vas a hablar Español perfectamente.
One day you will speak Spanish perfectly.
  Ella habla rápidamente.
She speaks quickly.

If you use muy to emphasize an adverb, -mente is not added.

  Ella habla muy rápido.
She speaks very quickly.

Not all adverbs end in -mente.

  bien well mucho much
  mal badly poco little
      bastante enough
Smelly Bath
  Tú hablas muy bien.
You speak very well.
  Alberto nunca se baña bien.†
Alberto never bathes himself well.
  Por eso él siempre huela mal.
That's why he always smells bad.
  Normalmente como poco, pero a veces como mucho.
Normally I eat little, but at times I eat a lot.

Se here is a reflexive pronoun and is used when the subject is doing something to himself/herself/itself.

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