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Los Demonstrativos Demonstratives

  este mar this sea ese nombre that name
  esta bahía this bay esa canción that song
  estos problemas these problems esos locos those crazy people
  estas preguntas these questions esas locas those crazy women

Technically, the underlined words above are adjectives. The same words can serve as pronouns when used by themselves. narrow street

  Este edificio es muy alto. This building is very tall.
  Éste* es muy alto. That is very tall.
  Esas calles son muy estrechas. Those streets are very narrow.
  Esas son muy estrechas. Those are very narrow.
*an accent is placed over the first e in este when it is used as a pronoun

All of the above demonstrative pronouns take on the gender of the nouns they represent. When the name and the geneder of an object is unknown, esto is used.

  Qué es esto? What is this?

Esto is also used to represent the indefinite--that which doesn't have gender--like ideas or events.


-Ana ganó el premio.
Esto es increíble

-Ana won the prize.
-This is incredible!

Now would be a good time to study the stem chaging irregular verbs.

Tener Expressions
There are many important expressions that are formed with tener.

  Estoy seguro que usted va a tener éxito.
I am sure you'll be successful.
  Tengo prisa. I'm in a rush.

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