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Los Pronombres Objectivos Object Pronouns

El escritor escribe la historia. The writer is writing a story.

Los Pronombres Directos Direct Object Pronouns

The direct object pronouns are placed in front of the verb.

  Él me comprende. He understands me.
  Yo te comprendo. I understand you.
  lo comprendes. You understand him/it.
  Yo lo tengo. I have him/it.
  Nosotros la comprendemos. We understand her/it.
  Ellos la tienen. They have her/it.
  nos comprendes. You understand us.
  Yo os comprendo. I understand you (plural)*
  Ellos los comprenden. They understand them/you(plural)**.
  Ellas las comprenden. She understands them.
* you (plural) spain
** you (plural) latin america

Los Pronombres Indirectos

Indirect Object Pronouns

When the action is directed ‘toward’, or ‘at’ an object, that object is an indirect object. The indirect object pronouns are exactly the same as the direct object pronouns except for the third person singular and plural forms.

  Él me habla. He speaks to me.
  Ella te habla. She speaks to you.
  Yo le hablo. I speak to him/her.
  Ellas nos hablan. She speaks to us.
  Yo les hablo. I speak to them.

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