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Las Preguntas II Questions

Cómo? How?
  Cómo estas?   How are you?
muy bien
very good
  Cómo está Julio?   What is Julio like?
  Cómo lo haces?   How do you do it?
  Cómo es Argentina?   What is Argentina like?
  Cómo te gustan tus huevos?   How do you like your eggs?
  Cómo te llamas?   What is your name?

Qué? What?
  Qué haces?   What are you doing?
  Qué comes?   What are you eating?
  Qué tomas?   What are you drinking?
  En qué piensas?   What are you thinking about?

When asking someone to choose from a set of objects or possibilities, use cuál.

Cuál? Cuáles? Which? Which ones?
  Cuáles quieres?   Which ones do you want?
  Cuáles son las playas que prefieres?   Which are the beaches that you prefer?
  Cuál es el plato que vas a pedir?   Which is the plate that you will order?

Both cuál and qué are used for 'what' and 'which?'. Que is always used when you are asking about something, or asking for a definition.

  Qué es esto? What is that?
  Papa, que es 'una huelga'? Papa, what is a 'strike'?
  Que es Javier? What is Javier?
(What does he do as a profession?).

Cuál is equivalent to 'what' when asking for specific information and when followed by the ser verb.

  Cuál es tu nombre? What is your name?
  Cuál es tu apellido? What is your last name?
  Cuál es tu teléfono? What is your phone number?

Qué is equivalent to 'which' when followed directly by a noun.ice climber

Qué montaña quieres escalar?
Which mountain do you want to climb?

Qué plato vas a pedir?
Which dish are you going to order?

Qué playa es más bonita?
Which beach is more beautiful?

Qué is also used in making exclamations.

  Qué ciudad! What a city!
  Qué mujer! What a woman!
  Qué vergüenza! How embarrassing! (What shame!)
  Qué estúpido! How stupid!
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